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The Official Website For The Author & Poet of , "The Invitation Light series," "Deceived by Silence,"
& his upcoming first ever children's book, "The Miracle Behind the Clouds."

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The Invitation Light: Second Phase OUT NOW!

Book Summary: Ashton Marlon Rogers experienced almost everything you can think of: rape, school problems, family problems, etc, but his life was only beginning. Now, it's time for college and what you experience can either be a thrill or your worst nightmare. From relationships to school drama to finding yourself, Ashton wasn't ready for life to take it's course as it did. 
We all face physical and emotional trauma, but it's all about conquering whatever that's hurting us and forgive. Forgive those who hurt you and move on with your life. Ashton learned to forgive, but the impact will never die. While working on himself and becoming a better human being, problems can get in the way. Does Ashton have it all together and finding out who he is as a human being or will he fall on a emotional roller coaster? Find out as you are about to read one of the most notable, inspirational books about self-worth and incredibility. 

Current Releases

"The Invitation Light: Find Your Strengths At All Cost"

Depressed? Heartbroken? Defeat ? To Happiness? Encouragement? Inspiring?

Ashton Marlon Rogers thought his life was over after he was raped, AGAIN. He felt defeated and worthless thinking his life was over. He's been through many other horrific things and seen it all, but this was the icing on the cake. With no one to turn too, every decision he made only made him into the human being he is today.

We all face conflict and heartbreak in our lives. It's on us to rise above and make it to the top despite what we been through. It's called being an HUMAN! No matter the struggle, Find Your Strengths At All Cost or you may Fail In Life.

Behind every smile, lies a story filled with pain, disgust, and questions. Does Ashton have it all together in his life or he's in for a rude awakening?

"The Invitation Light: Find Your Strengths At All Cost" NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other participating stores.





"Noah: a Poetry Collection"

"Deceived by Silence" NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon, Amazon Kindle, etc.


Just A Few Reviews About "The Invitation Light"

                                                              BARNES AND NOBLE CUSTOMER: 
I received my book not to long ago and it's stunning and breathtaking. This book is very detailed and there's action on every single last page which will leave you speechless. I'm on Chapter 10 right now and my mouth dropped on every single chapter. I will tell my girlfriends about this book and I'm pretty sure they are going to love it just as much as I do. This young man turned his story into an evolution and I can't wait to support him on his upcoming writings. He's going to be something big and I'm supporting him every step of the way. Great Job Mr. Author!!!
Rating: 5 out of 5

                                                               BARNES AND NOBLE CUSTOMER:
This book is amazing. This young man's story throughout this book touched every bit of my heart. You never know what a person goes through. This young man is so inspiring and I love him for being so open and blunt about everything. Thank you for being a spokesperson for us rape victims. I'm a rape victim myself and I cried on so many parts of this book. Thank you, Darien for an awesome read.
Rating: 5 out of 5

                                                                         AMAZON CUSTOMER:
Above and beyond my any possible expectations
Rating: 5 out of 5 

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